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Scott Geist’s Credentials:

RRCA Certified Coach
Scott is a Level 2 RRCA certified running coach
  • Level 2 RRCA Running Coach
  • NASM CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
  • NASM CNC (Certified Nutrition Coach)
  • Scott Geist writes under the alias Scott Morton (Morton – is his mother’s maiden name. He is keeping Scott Geist for his fiction books)
  • Scott has authored more than 20 books with more in the pipeline. You can view Scott’s Amazon’s author page here.
  • Scott earned a bachelor’s degree of Science in Management Information Systems from UT Arlington.

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Scott has published the following books on running in English and Spanish:

Scott’s published book list:

Beginner to Finisher Series (English):

Supercharge Your Walking Life Series (English):

Beginner to Finisher Series (Spanish):

Supercharge Your Walking Life Series (Spanish):

Scott is a blogger and an Amazon Best-Selling author. Scott was not born a runner. While playing indoor soccer in his forties, he discovered that he had more running endurance than other players his age.

While on a trip to Las Vegas he read an article about running a half marathon down the Strip in Las Vegas. He focused his efforts on training to be able to run down the Vegas Strip in November of that year. Due to conflicts with scheduling, he did not run the half marathon in Las Vegas. Instead, he ran an extremely hilly local half marathon and placed 2nd in his age group.

Scott is a licensed youth U.S. Soccer coach. He enjoys being a father and snowboarding in the winter. He has since completed twenty-five 5ks, one 10k, ten half marathons, and one marathon. After completing his first marathon, he realized that running was now his passion and wanted to help other runners. His primary focus is on training runners from the state of a beginner runner to race finisher. His book, Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathons, has become a #1 Amazon Bestseller.When did I know I could finish my first half marathon?

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13th Half Marathon Gear
2020 Cowtown Challenger Finisher
12th Half Marathon
12th Half Marathon with kids 2020 – 8th Mile Pit Stop – Legs are cramping in this position
Beer Ran Last Place
0.5 mile Beer Race – You have to keep your beer above a certain line as you run around a small track. I was last place…
Scott is a MyPlate.gov Ambassador helping to promote proper nutritional guidelines.
Snowboarding Trip to Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan

View while snowboarding down the face of Niseko in Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan 2019 – Mt Yotei is an active stratovolcano less than 100,000 years old

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