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We all know the value of staying hydrated throughout the day. For hiking, it is essential to carry a water bottle. The most important point you need to keep in mind while selecting a good water bottle for hiking is that is should keep the water you drink at the right temperature. Besides the quality, you will also have to consider the weight, capacity, and durability of the water bottle.

There are various kinds of water bottles to choose from like, BPA plastic bottles, insulated bottles, hydration bladders, collapsible bottles, or your regular disposable bottles. For hiking, you will need to choose a bottle that does not harm you due to the harsh weather conditions that can have an effect on your health.


Best Water Bottle for Hiking Reviews

Let’s check the best water bottle for hiking on the market today. 

Embrava Water Bottle Review


For those long or even short hikes, it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated throughout the hike. It is also important what water bottle you carry for these hikes. Would it be sufficient or safe to use in those harsh weather conditions? These are questions you will want the answers to.

The Embrava 32 oz sports water bottle is large enough to carry enough water for the trip. It has an easy opening allowing fast water flow that is not required to suck the water out from the bottle. The top lid is leak-proof and dust-proof. This makes it easy to open and close with a push of a button and clicks securely with a latch.

It is extremely lightweight and has a good grip to hold the bottle firmly without having to face unfortunate slips. It also makes it easier to carry around whenever needed. It also comes with a tough lanyard carry strap that you can snag or securely hang on your wrist on the move.

The bottle is designed ergonomically with non-toxic and BPA-free Tritan co-polyester plastic. It is shatterproof and ensures the pure taste of drinking from a glass without the delicateness of glass. The bottle is frosted with a special reflective coating that helps in retracting the elements with confidence.

Perfect for outdoor activities, The Embrava sports bottle will help you stay well hydrated.

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GRAYL GeoPress Water Purifier Bottle Review


The best thing about having a Grayl Geopress is that you can stay hydrated and purify the water anywhere and anytime. It is a portable water purifier that is capable of cleansing sketchy water and allows you to drink safely from any water source.

This special bottle is ideal for any outdoor activities like hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, hunting, etc. It can remove all viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. Since it can remove all pathogens, this product makes it perfect for survival situations outdoors.

It has a large water capacity of 24oz. The bottle fashions grip rubber pads on the sides, top lid, and the bottom of the bottle. The grip helps the bottle from slipping from your hands.

This water bottle has a filtration process. It filters particulates, heavy metals, and chemicals. It uses an inner shell, outer shell, and cartridge and instantly purifies in around 8-10 seconds. The magic takes place inside the filter cartridge.

The filter cartridge life span is 350 cycles i.e. 250 liters of water. The weight of the bottle is only 15 oz which is extremely lightweight. It is very easy to use and just requires your body weight to push through the filtration process. 

If you are someone who spends more time on hiking trails and camping, this bottle will come to be very handy. It is a trustworthy choice that is a great substitute for bottled water.

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HYDRO CELL Bottle Review


Insulated water bottles like Hydro cell are made up of stainless steel. Insulated bottles help keep your beverages cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. This bottle is an insulated water bottle of high quality, which is perfect for hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, and similar outdoor activities.

Hydro cell places confidence in their product. It has the highest performing vacuum seal technology. The double-wall delivers zero condensation. This says your bottle can keep your beverage cold for 24 hours and hot for about 8 hours.

Each of the hydro cell bottles comes with two lids. The bottles come standard with a stainless steel screw cap creating an airtight vacuum seal function perfect for hikes and outdoor adventures. The other lid is a sports cap with a straw which is not 100% air tight and is great for other city sports activities.

The bottle comes with the A-grade 18/8 stainless steel, which is completely oxidized and corrosion-resistant. This bottle features an anti-slip powder coating that ensures you have a good grip on the bottle.

Stainless steel helps you to avoid BPA and plastic by-products found in many bottles in today’s market. The hydro cell bottles confirm that you avoid plasticizers, polymers, and other synthetics found in other bottles.

The Hydro cell bottle is available in various sizes that match your preference. It comes in 14oz, 18oz, 24oz, 32oz, 40oz, and 64 oz.

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A number of people have become more conscious and care about the environment. Many have stopped using regular plastic bottles. Reusable BPA-free bottles or stainless steel water bottles are a choice for the majority.

These kinds of bottles are ergonomically designed to be environment friendly, durable, and an alternative to plastic bottles. You can also check our article on the best hiking water filter.

Stainless steel bottles are ideal for your various outdoor activities as they keep your water cool in hot temperatures and hot in cold temperatures.

You get your bottles in numerous shapes and sizes. Lightweight bottles are always advisable to carry on for a trek, so it doesn’t weigh you down. You will want a good quality, durable and sizeable bottle that you can pack and carry easily on the go.

For a hike, you will always need to consider the factors like capacity, material, properties, and features to ensure you purchase the right bottle that is suitable for you.

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