Best Walkie Talkie For Hiking

When you are hiking, having a walkie talkie helps a lot. It is fun as you can talk to your partner, your kids or friends and have a nice time. It is also important in terms of safety in case you get separated from the rest of your group if you are stuck in a blizzard or a snowstorm.

We have reviewed below three of the best walkie talkie for hiking. Let’s get started on them.


Best Walkie Talkie For Hiking Reviews

Let’s check the best walkie talkie for hiking on the market today. 

Retevis Walkie Talkie RT48 Review


RT48 is a waterproof and IP67 walkie talkie that can be used in any kind of weather condition. Be it snowy or windy, this walkie talkie is dustproof and can withstand any weather conditions.

It has an in-built CTCSS/DCS with 16 channels available.

This walkie talkie functions on hand-free VOX. That means, for message transmission no need to press the push to talk button. VOX level can be adjusted based on the environment you are in to get clear audio.

The unnecessary background noise is reduced to a great level as distortion in RT48 is less than 5%. That means crystal clear audio gets transmitted.

Rt48 walkie talkie has a battery life of 1200mAh which can last up to 10-12 hours. It can be easily charged using a USB cable plugged into a power bank or car battery when you are outdoors.

The emergency feature of this fog-proof walkie talkie is of standard quality. The motion and position are easily detected, and the walkie talkie can send location if needed in case of emergency.

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Top Sung Walkie Talkie M920 Review


Walkie talkie by Topsung consists of a set of 4 walkie talkie. This set of walkie talkie is ideal for any kind of outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, forest camping, etc. This can also be used to take care of the elderly and children so you can be in constant touch with them.

Each radio has three batteries, each of 1000 mAh capacity. Moreover, the batteries are rechargeable which can be changed easily by-charger in a car or power bank using a micro USB cable. The average duration of these fully charged batteries last is 48 hours on standby mode and 18 hours of continuous use.

 The Top song walkie talkie has an NOAA weather scanner that scans around 18 weather bands (WX) at regular intervals and keeps you updated on the weather around you. In case of upcoming bad weather conditions, it also sounds an alarm to notify you of upcoming bad weather. This helps you to plan your further journey or trip.

These 22 channel walkie talkies can communicate with other radios (Family Radio Services), whichever brand they might be off.  By tuning in to the same channel and privacy code, you can contact other radios easily.  

With the eVOX feature, the Topsung walkie talkie can be easily used as hands-free radio. This radio is sturdy enough that minor drops will not damage it. A lanyard is also provided with the package.

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MOICO Walkie talkie Review


The Moico walkie talkie is two-way radio and an easy way to stay in touch with your team when working in giant workplaces or staying in touch with family members during outdoor hikes.

With 22 FRS Channels, you can easily set up communication along with 99 sets of privacy codes that can keep privy ears out of reach and ensure complete privacy. Even if someone accidentally tunes on your channel, your messages and talks are safe due to privacy codes.

Moico walkie talkie is designed to keep unnecessary noise away and ensure clear voice transmission. A loud and clear voice gets transmitted to the other end, thus making communication easier, without any need to shout.

These 22 channel walkie talkies provide long-range transmission. In an open area, clear communication can be up to 5 miles.  This can get reduced up to 0.6-1.2 miles in blockage areas like building, mountains, forests, etc.

Moico walkie talkies need 4 AAA batteries each (which are not included in the package).   

The unique feature of the Moico walkie talkie is it has built-in LED flashlight. This proves useful during night trek or while you are in dark places. The green LED flashlight can be used as an emergency light as well.

Moreover, the walkie talkie comes with a one-year money back or replacement offer.

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A walkie talkie is one of the important tools during an outdoor adventure like hunting, hiking, snowing, forest camping, etc.

Also, many manufacturing units, hotels, warehouses use the walkie talkie to communicate. Hence it is important to have a good quality walkie talkie. You can also check our article on the best gps tracker for hiking.

If you are looking for a simple two piece one, you can go for the Moico walkie talkie. If you want one for a bigger group and one that has a longer battery life then you can opt for the Top Sung Walkie Talkie M920.

And finally, when it comes to an easy to use, simple yet durable walkie talkie which will be excellent for hiking, you can opt for the Retevis Walkie Talkie RT48. It is very durable and weather-proof. This makes it excellent to take on a hike, especially if you are concerned about bad weather.

As you can see, all the walkie talkies reviewed above are excellent in terms of quality and are very durable. You can go wrong with buying any of them. Enjoy your hike. Stay safe when you go on your amazing hiking adventures with your loved ones.

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