Best Light Hiking Shoes

Hiking is one of the most enjoyed and adored activities in today’s day and age. Out of ten, at least five people love hiking. It’s not only a great sport but also an excellent get away from the daily life routine.

What enriches a hike more is a pair of light shoes. Most people go for high-end branded shoes with rich soles and whatnot, but in the end, due to the weight of the shoes, hiking gets a little tiring.

Getting appropriate lightweight shoes that help you enjoy your hike to the fullest is a must, especially if hiking is your passion. Don’t let the wrong pair of shoes stop you from reaching the destinations you have planned.

If you’re searching for those perfect light shoes, then I must say one of the below-mentioned shoes could be the one for you.


Best Light Hiking Shoes Reviews

Let’s check the best light hiking shoes on the market today. 

SITAILE Hiking Walking Shoes Review


These hiking shoes are designed both for men as well as women. They are made of mesh and have a rugged rubber sole. You also get a wide variety of colors to choose from.

The shoes dry fast enough as they have an ultra-lightweight and breathable fabric. The flexibility and comfort level, too, are excellent. It has excellent ventilation, which ensures that your feet feel cool even during hot climates.

Unlike the other shoes, which consist of shoelaces, these have elastic straps. They fit your foot width accordingly. You no longer have to fidget with all the tying of shoelaces.

The sole is made of anti-slip rubber that ensures a firm grip and increases friction. Its unique pattern makes sure that you don’t slip even on slippery surfaces. Even with this excellent and long-lasting sole, the shoes still manage to be ultra-light and easy on the feet.

The design of these shoes is just different in every aspect. They are constructed in such a manner to protect the feet while you walk on sharp items or uneven and bumpy roads.

One of the most notable features is that these shoes are usable even for various other activities and sports. They are perfect for kayaking, jumping, snorkeling, surfing, and many other sports.

Unlike the other shoes that cost hundreds of dollars, these are undoubtedly one of the best-priced items on the market. Getting all the benefits and excellent quality that too at a reasonable price is just mind-blowing.

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Salomon GTX W Hiking Shoes (Women) Review


If you want comfort and style both simultaneously, this is the pair that you should give a try. These shoes are trendy, classy, and of excellent quality.

They are built to last long, no matter the conditions. They weigh only about 330 g, so you can enjoy your hike without any weight keeping you down. The comfort you get here is just the one you get while wearing sneakers.

These shoes are also very flexible and have a significant foothold. They make sure that your feet remain safe, and you get to live your hike to the fullest. The GORE-TEX membrane keeps the shoes waterproof.

With this, you can continue your journey even in heavy rain without worrying about your feet getting soggy or uncomfortable. They are certainly the go-to hiking shoes.

The base consists of a protective mudguard that protects the sides of the shoes from trails. Even the grip provided by the sole is firm and robust enough to ensure that there aren’t any mishaps occurring. This is very important if you plan to go hiking in the rain or when it is snowing.

Another feature of these shoes that is unlikely to be found in other shoes is that its midsole offer you shock attenuation. This is because it is made of high-quality EVA foam.

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Jack Wolfskin Women’s Hiking Shoes Review


These shoes are meant for people with sensitive legs and wish for ultimate comfort. They are designed with a fantastic cushioning insole, footpad, and excellent heel support.

With these, there is absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of safety. It even has a special and unique toe design, i.e., the toe cap that ensures the safety of your toes while climbing or scrambling.

The material used to create these shoes are of rich quality and lightweight. They have a firm sole and are perfect for long hiking trips. The grip is firm, making sure you do not slip on a smooth or slippery surface.

You have many bright and rich colors available as well. You can go for any color based on your interest and liking. These shoes are true to size and fit perfectly. While ordering, you do not have to order a size larger or smaller, unlike most shoes on the market.

They are even waterproof, which means cleaning them is a piece of cake. These are constructed in a way so that they stick with you through the long run.

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As you saw above, these were a few of the best lightweight shoes available on the market. All of them are of high quality and last longer than the usual shoes you could find. You can also check our article on the best lightweight hiking shoes womens.

Whether you are looking for a pair for yourself or a dear one who loves hiking, these could be your best pick. Feel free to give any of the mentioned a shot. As for the price factor, they are pretty reasonable as well. They are fit for hiking, camping, trekking, and many other activities.

I hope this write-up helps you make the right choice. Good Luck!

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