Best Convertible Hiking Pants

As hikers, carrying loads of clothing is never a suitable option.

It is vital to carry just the bare necessities, even for long and overnight hikes. Clothes like convertible pants are practical during such hiking trips. A piece of clothing that you could wear in two different ways is fascinating.

If you haven’t got hold of such an epic pair of pants, then it’s high time you buy one.  In the below write-up, you will find a few of the best convertible hiking pants that most people love.


Best Convertible Hiking Pants Reviews

Let’s check the best convertible hiking pants on the market today. 

Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pants Review


The Columbia store has been on the market for quite a few years and is known for its excellent quality products. Their sportswear is considered one of the best among the many you could find.

The Silver Ridge Convertible pant is one of its classic pieces. It is made of 100% nylon material and looks fantastic. The fabric also has UPF 50 protection that keeps you safe from the harmful UVA rays.

It wicks the moisture away to keep your legs dry and cool, especially during extreme weather. In addition, the pants have a zipper closure pocket to ensure that your things remain safe.

It also has two side pockets with a loop closure to help you store the small things you might want in handy. The partially elastic waist provides an excellent fit and feel. The bottom part of the pants has a zipper closure which you can take off when not needed.

You can machine wash them, and they will still provide the same quality feel and comfort. Unlike other convertible pants, here you get a wide variety of sizes. You can select your regular waist and length size, and the fit won’t disappoint you.

You could also use the size chart that clearly explains all the waist and length measurements. There is also a vast range of color options available, ranging from simple to classic colors. The comfort and fit won’t differ, even the slightest irrespective of the color you choose.

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Wespornow Men’s Convertible Hiking Pants Review


These convertible pants have great and unique features in store. Unlike other convertible pants, you can wear them in three different and stylish ways. Firstly the usual full-length manner, secondly by rolling up and buttoning the legs for the Capris look and lastly by zipping off the bottom pieces for shorts.

You get five pockets, out of which two are flap pockets and one zipper pocket for better safety and comfort. So now, you can carry almost all your small and medium-sized essentials with ultimate ease.

It has an elastic waistband that provides an excellent fit and a reinforced buttoned design. Another notable feature is the tighten leg design with which you can adjust the bottom of the pants to suit your hiking boots or shoes.

The zip-off legs are manufactured in a way to ease the converting process. The Zippers also have labels L and R indicating the right and left while converting. And lastly, the ergonomic design at the knees is perfect for a variety of movements. It provides excellent flexibility and comfort.

These pants are lightweight and dry off quickly, even during summers. You will not feel any irritation or wetness due to sweat. They are 4-way stretchable. Overall they have a long life, and you won’t have to look for a new pair soon.

The size range varies from small to 3X-large. You can claim them as your own for just under $40. I find the price pretty decent and reasonable for such a great product.

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CQR Men’s Convertible Cargo Pants Review


These pants are constructed specially for adventure sports like hiking. They have six multi-purpose pockets, which you can use to carry your equipment and other essentials with great ease.

The pants are a mixture of cotton, nylon and spandex. The material is super comfortable and light. Even when you wear it for huge trips, it feels excellent. In addition, the zipper design at the knees provides an easy switch from pants to shorts.

It has maximum mobility and fits the body perfectly. The front has a button enclosure and also a zipper. Another notable feature is that it has a D ring attached near the waist.

This ring is used to attach other accessories when needed. The waistband is entirely elastic, providing good comfort and fit. You can adjust it to fit your actual size.

Along with the pants, you also get a belt. They also have UPF 50 protection that helps in keeping your legs safe from harmful rays. They are stretchable and breathable as well.

You won’t find them sticking to your body irrespective of the weather. The material keeps your legs cool and dry. You also get a few color options. And the price factor is also not an issue here.

These cargo pants come to you at just under $40.  So, select your suitable size and give them a try.

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As you have seen from the above article, these were a few of the best quality convertible hiking pants on the market. They are handy, especially on big family hikes and other overnight trips. You can also check our article on the best hiking shorts for men.

If you do like any of the products mentioned above, feel free to try them out. They are not only comfortable and lightweight but also fashionable and classy. They will definitely help you to enjoy your hike. So hurry up and get yours soon!

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