Best Hiking Backpack Under 100

Hiking trips and backpacks are like best friends. You cannot expect to have a successful and memorable hike without a pack to go with it. Over the years, there has been an immense evolution in the styles and ways backpacks are manufactured.

With the changing times, even the price has gone up to a significant rise. As a result, it has become nearly impossible to find excellent quality backpacks at an affordable rate. If you too face the same issue, then look no further.

In this article, you will find a few of the best hiking backpacks that too just under $100.  I hope the below-listed products help you in some way or the other.


Best Hiking Backpacks Under 100 Reviews

Let’s check the best hiking backpacks under $100 on the market today. 

Venture Pal Hiking Backpack Review


The Venture Pal backpack is made of high-end nylon fabric. It is water and tear-resistant. The metal zippers are of excellent quality and last longer than the usual zippers. Even the bottom layer of the backpack is tough, letting you carry heavy stuff without any inconvenience.

It has around 40L of storage space. So you get quite a few compartments, including one main section to store your essentials appropriately. The backpack weighs nothing more than 0.7 pounds.

Unlike other backpacks, it doesn’t have much self-weight and makes your journey easy. The product is also super compact as you can store it by folding it into its pocket.

Its shoulder straps are pretty comfortable as they are made of breathable mesh. This material helps in keeping your shoulders dry even when there’s a lot of heat. The pack also has a chest clip that helps in distributing the weight evenly.

If you go on hikes and other sport-related trips regularly, you must surely give this pack a try. Another fascinating feature of this pack is that it has a unique wet pocket. This wet pocket was designed to help you store your sweaty garments or essentials without carrying extra carry bags for it.

It is located on the back of the backpack and is entirely waterproof. You can now separate your towels, wet clothes, etc., without any effort. The pack comes in various colors ranging from bright to dark. Based on your style and personality, you could select anyone.

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TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack Review


The TETON Sports backpack is designed in a manner to fit your body perfectly. It is lightweight, and the comfort level is ideal for men, women as well as teenagers. It has a mesh covering and a foam stabilizer that helps keep you cool and dry even when you carry the pack for long hours.

Talking about the quality, TETON Sports store has been on the market for many years now, and its products are considered as few of the best. It has large compartments that let you store more than other packs.

It is also equipped with bungee cord technology which is helpful while cycling and other activities. In addition, the shoulder straps are made in such a way that they contour your body structure perfectly.

The pack has reversed zippers that are easy to use and last long. Its chest straps are equipped with a safety whistle, ensuring the safety of your backpack.  It is perfect for an overnight trip or a long hike.

Apart from all this, you also get a hydration bladder completely free. This bladder can hold up to 2L and is attached with a sip tube for easy usage. It has a large 5cm opening which provides easy cleaning or for putting in ice.

Now with the equipped hydration bladder, you no longer have to carry large bottles separately. Overall, the pack is of excellent quality and lasts long. If you face any issues with it, you can call TETON Sports, and they will look after your need.

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SAMIT Hiking Backpack Review


If you are looking for the ultimate hiking backpack equipped with all the necessary features, then the SAMIT Hiking backpack should be your pick. It has a large capacity of 40L and has more than ten different compartments.

The three front pockets are ideal for things you might need handy such as your wallet, keys, phone and much more. It also has side pockets to hold your water bottles.

The pack has plenty of sponge padding at the shoulder straps ensuring no pain while carrying heavy stuff. In addition, it has a D-shaped hook that lets you hang in small items such as extra bottles or keys.

The hip belt has two pockets which you can use to shove in your small items. The bag also has a chest strap which keeps the bag fixed. The adjustable waist strap is suitable for all waist sizes.

Even the fabric used to create the backpack is an Anti-splash fabric. Moreover, the nylon used is lightweight and long-lasting. Besides that, you also get a rain cover that protects the pack entirely, thereby keeping your essentials safe.

It also has a trekking pole attachment where it can easily accommodate your trekking pole. In addition, the side straps are specially designed for adding extra luggage, thereby enlarging the holding capacity of the pack.

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After seeing the above-listed items, I hope you can choose the best backpack for yourself.

Based on the details provided, you can select the one that matches your requirement list. You can also check our article on the best day hiking backpacks.

Your satisfaction, health and comfort are very precious. So, do not settle for something that will not only hurt your pockets but also dissatisfy you.  Give yourself nothing but the best. Good luck on your hiking journey!

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