Best Hiking Sandals for Women

When you hear the word hiking, the first few things that might come to mind would be shoes, backpacks, and all the other common stuff associated with it. There’s barely 1% of the population that might think about comfy hiking sandals.

Hiking boots and shoes are all classy, but at times women prefer sandals. Although shoes/boots are considered the ultimate and the traditional footwear while going for hikes, sandals are also not any less.

Often, during hot weather, the shoes make your feet feel uncomfortable and sweaty.

On the other hand, with sandals, you do not have to face that issue at all. You could travel miles with them, and your feet won’t face any issues. Even if it rains or you have to cross a small pool, scandals are much preferable.

If you love hiking and don’t want to settle for shoes or boots, here are some great hiking sandals that could help you enjoy your journey.


Best Hiking Sandals for Women Reviews

Let’s check the best hiking sandals for women on the market today. 

Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal Review


The Teva women’s sandal is made of great material and is long-lasting. Its straps are built with recycled plastic and dry off quickly as compared to other hiking sandals.

Its synthetic sole provides excellent energy return, helping you enjoy your hike to the fullest. The sandal also has a nylon shank that gives you proper footing even on uneven terrains.

The outsole has a rubber design that gives solid grip and traction even during wet conditions. The chances of any mishaps or accidents occurring are very less. Its heel area has a shock pad that absorbs all the jerks and bumps when you hike.

These sandals have gone through a Microban zinc test which prevents any odor or bacteria from growing over them. It also has an EVA midsole which provides better support to the arch.

The beautiful straps equipped with it help you adjust and secure the sandals to fit your foot size appropriately. This simple hook and loop closure makes the wearing and taking-off process effortless.

Teva has been on the market since 1984 and is known for its high-quality products. The feel and comfort you get with these sandals are outstanding. You will surely not regret purchasing these.

There is also a wide range of color options available. You could pick any of your choice and style.

 Unlike most footwear, these are true to their size, so that you do not have to order a size larger or smaller.

Also, if you have any trouble with which size to opt for, you could use the size chart provided.

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Viakix Walking Sandals Review


If you search for sandals that contour according to your foot shape and structure, then these are ideal for you. The Viakix sandals are made of high-end materials that ensure excellent quality and great fit.

It provides you with the best of comfort even when you walk for long hours. The adjustable straps are designed for a custom fit. Viakix also takes note of women with wide feet.

These sandals accommodate various foot sizes and structures. It has an ergonomically designed arch stabilizer which helps provide better support to your arch.

You will find them fashionable and comfortable as well. Most often, sandals have rough straps that hurt and cause injuries, but with Viakix sandals, you no longer have to worry about that issue.

Its straps are super soft and cozy. The foam midsole, arch support, lightweight outsole, and much more lead to nothing but the best experience. It is water-resistant and fit for long hikes, trips, etc. Even the traction provided is fabulous.

Overall the sandals have a feminine look to them. They are fashionable and come in a few colors as well. Viakix provides only the best, and therefore their return policy is pretty straightforward.

There is a 0% chance that you might not fall in love with these sandals, but if by any chance you do not seem to feel comfortable, you could return them.

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Northside Women’s Burke II Athletic Sandals Review


If you prefer sandals over boots but also prefer keeping your toes covered, then the Burke II sandals are meant for you. It has a toe bumper that ensures your toes stay covered and protected while you walk for long hours.

Unlike most sandals with straps, these have an elastic drawstring that makes it easier to wear or take the sandals off. The sandals are lightweight and entirely breathable.

These sandals are fit for all seasons. It is water-resistant and abrasion-resistant as well. Whether you climb a rocky terrain or cross a wet area, you won’t slip. The rubber outsole provides a great grip, even on slippery surfaces.

The lightweight insole gives extra cushioning to the sandals, thereby making them more comfortable to walk in. They dry off easily, so you do not have to worry about them feeling soggy or wet for a long time.

Although the price range varies on the size you opt for, it is still very reasonable and affordable based on all the features. You also get excellent color choices. So, hurry up to get your water-friendly and highly comfortable pair of hiking sandals.

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As you could see from the above write-up, these were a few of the best hiking sandals you could find for your hike. You get to see all of their features and drawbacks. 

Depending on your requirements, you could select any that suits you best. You can also check our article on the best summer hiking socks.

The sandals mentioned above are also fit for gifts. I hope the article helps you find the perfect pair you desire. They are all of great quality and durability.

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