Best Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet

People with wide feet have faced a lot of trouble with buying shoes. Most often, the shoes are too narrow or uncomfortable for their feet structure. It is a real struggle to find that one pair of shoes fitting their feet appropriately without causing any pain.

Hiking is one of those activities that require your full energy and enthusiasm, which is certainly not possible with uncomfortable shoes. If you are a member of the wide feet group, then your search ends here.

I will list a few of the nicest hiking shoes on the market specially designed for people having wide feet. After all, you do not have to compromise your love for hikes because you are beautiful in your different way.

So let’s get started!


Best Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

Let’s check the best hiking shoes for wide feet on the market today. 

Merell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoes Review


The shoes are made of pure suede leather and mesh. It is highly comfortable and has a breathable design that keeps your feet cool. The thick rubber sole is entirely slip-resistant, ensuring a slip-free movement.

The sole has a different pattern which provides a firm grip on rocky surfaces. The shaft of the shoe measures about knee high if measured from the arch. It even has a closed-cell foam that keeps the shoes protected from dust and moisture.

With the air cushioning, you get ultimate comfort and ease while walking, even for long hours. These shoes even absorb shock and provide you with more stability as you finish your hikes.

They are durable and guarantee 100% satisfaction even in the long run. You also get a wide range of colors and sizes, beginning from 6.5 wide to 14 wide. They are true to size. The shoe opening is around 6″ wide, which makes it ideal for wide feet.

Based on all its excellent features, the price is barely anything. It is a complete steal deal. These shoes are perfect even as a gift to any of your dear ones. So, please hurry up to make it your own.

Merell has been on the market for ages, and its products are trustworthy. They try their best to use recycled material to create new shoes, thereby taking small and steady steps towards sustainability.

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Mountain Warehouse Voyage men’s hiking Shoes Review


If you are looking for stylish and trendy shoes for hiking, then the Mountain Warehouse Voyage shoes are worth a try. Its upper part is made of suede and also has an IsoDry membrane that provides excellent breathability.

The shoes also have a mesh lining that gives you great comfort and eases the process of wearing or taking them off. They also have extra cushioning that makes your journey feel free and simpler.

The sole is made of high-quality rubber that is long-lasting is flexible. It is also super-lightweight and easy to walk in. The special toe and heel bumpers ensure that your feet stay protected even while climbing steep and rocky terrains.

Another feature they possess is that they are entirely waterproof. You can use these shoes throughout all seasons without having to worry about anything. Most often, hiking shoes look all classy, but once it beings to rain, your feet become wet and soggy.

Well, that is never the case with these shoes. Especially if you love going on long trips, these shoes are perfect for you. You also get three beautiful colors to choose from, i.e., Jet Black, Brown, and Blue.

The sizes range from 7 to 14 US sizes. You could also use the size chart provided for better knowledge. Apart from all this, the feature that fascinates me is the price. You can claim them as your own for just under $55.

Most people find it difficult to believe that such amazing could cost so less as well.

 The price might also be a little less, depending on your shoe size. They are entirely worth the hype.

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Columbia Men’s Crestwood Hiking Shoes Review


The Columbia Men’s Hiking boots are built of pure leather and textile. They are manufactured in a manner to last long. It’s non –marking outsole provides excellent grip and advanced traction.

You won’t face any slipping or mishap with these shoes as they ensure sure-footed traction. They have superior cushioning that gives unmatchable comfort all day long.

They also provide great energy return keeping you active and fully energized throughout your hike. These shoes are suitable even for daily activities such as jogging, running, grocery shopping, and much more.

The Columbia Store has been on the market for quite some time now, and its shoes stand out because of the way they are built. They give close attention to minute details using excellent craftsmanship.

If you are looking for a pair that would stick with you through all seasons and for years to come, then you should opt for the Columbia Men’s Hiking Shoes. You even get five different and rich color options.

The sizes vary from 7 to 17. You can pick your regular size, and it’ll fit perfectly.

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Just because you have a different foot structure than the majority does not mean you don’t have the right to enjoy the comfort and feel of the new and trendy hiking shoes on the market. You can also check our article on the best women hiking boots.

If you find any of the above attractive and match your requirements, give them a try. All of the shoes mentioned above are of great quality and long life. I hope they help you live your hike to the fullest without facing any inconvenience,

Your happiness and comfort are all that matters when you go hiking. All the very best!

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