The Best Hiking Shoes

All hike lovers know exactly how important and challenging it is to find the ideal pair of hiking shoes. Getting the right one not only makes the hiking experience better but also more comfortable.

It is very beneficial to have a rough and tough pair that can help you enjoy the rocky areas of the hike without facing any problems or mishaps.  Here below, I’ll be listing a few of the best hiking shoes you could give a try.

I hope these options help you pick the perfect pair for you or any of your loved ones. Let’s begin.


Best Hiking Shoes Reviews

Let’s check the best hiking shoes on the market today. 

KEEN Men’s Targhee Review


These hiking shoes are a top-quality shoe pair available on the market. They are made of 100% leather and are pretty long-lasting. The sole is made of rich quality rubber and provides you with the ultimate grip that you would need.

These also work in muddy areas, slippery grounds, and even rocky regions. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the KEEN Men’s hiking shoes. Also, the outsoles are designed in a manner that leaves no imprints or markings.

While walking on uneven surfaces, these shoes give you proper support and stability. They are also equipped with a cushion to provide you with great comfort. Unlike the other shoes available on the market, you wouldn’t face any irritation or discomfort here.

The shoes also have a mesh lining that helps keep your feet cool irrespective of the climate outside. Another feature that catches my attention is that they are waterproof.

With this, you have nothing to worry about, even in rainy seasons. These shoes are breathable, and they ensure that your feet remain clean and dry as the membrane lets the vapor out.

They are also available in quite a few colors such as brown, dark olive, etc. Also, it is highly recommended to opt for a size larger than your usual size as the style runs a half size small.

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Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boots Review


These shoes are one of the few best-designed shoes for women.  They are manufactured with the sole purpose of giving you extra comfort. The shoes are also lightweight, and the extra cushioning makes hiking in them even better.

The material used to make them is leather and mesh, both of superior quality. This product is even waterproof, which makes it easy to clean and manage in the long run.

The shaft of the shoes measures ankle-high if measured from the arch. It also has a breathable texture making each step super cozy and worry-free.

The boots also have a lace-up closure. With this, you can ensure that they are fitted according to your leg size and comfort level. When thinking about hiking shoes, people usually feel that they will have to compromise on style.

That indeed isn’t the case with Columbia Women’s hiking shoes. They are built-in genuine and unique styles. You even have several colors to choose from, depending on your preferences.

The grip that is provided by these shoes is simply fantastic. They have advanced traction, which ensures a firm grip on all the possible grounds. For winter weather, the shoes even have a unique dual-zone tread pattern.

It ensures that your legs remain sturdy and stable even on ice or snow. These shoes are usable throughout the three seasons without facing any inconveniences. They are reliable and durable.

The price too is quite reasonable as compared to other shoes on the market. They are perfect even as a gift to any of your friends or loved ones.

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Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot Review


These shoes are made of leather, mesh, and suede. Their heel measures up to 1.5 inches. They are manufactured in a classy and stylish manner.

Like the Colombia Women’s Hiking shoes, these too have advanced traction and a firm grip that ensures the user’s safety. Any mishap such as slipping off of a slope or ice is less likely to happen with these shoes. They not only protect your feet but at the same time also make you feel comfy.

The waterproof and mesh tongue offers excellent breathability. With that, you can complete your hike without faces any discomfort of any sort. The lace-up closure gives you the ability to adjust the shoes to fit you perfectly.

The super comfy cushioning helps you enrich your hiking experience in a significant way. Whether you are walking over grass, rock, water, roots, etc., these shoes ensure ultimate comfort and stability. The sole is made of rubber and is pretty long-lasting.

The exterior is of soft mesh, and they are available in various contrasting combinations of color.  You are free to choose any of the options that suit you and your personality the best.

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking shoes are of superior quality and will last with you for a long time. You won’t be faced with any issues of wear and tear in this product.

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I hope the above article will help you choose the best pair of shoes to make your hiking more comfortable.

All of the above shoes are unique, durable, and reasonably priced. You can also check our article on the best light hiking shoes.

The quality of the products also is impressive, and look great. They are worth a try, and you sure wouldn’t lose anything. Good luck!

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