Best Hiking Shorts for Mens

Clothes are an essential part of any hike. But, it doesn’t mean you get to hoard as many pieces of clothing you want. Instead, you have to take the bare minimum. After all, it also gets difficult to carry.

Shorts come in handy during such situations. They are not only comfy but also provide great movement. Apart from this, there’s one thing always to remember. Hiking shorts differ in terms of style, comfort, quality from regular shorts.

You cannot settle for ordinary shorts and expect a hike-like feel in them. In this article, you’ll find listed a few of the rich quality hiking shorts for men.

I hope they help you out pick one or many that satisfy your style and requirements.


Best Hiking Shorts for Men Reviews

Let’s check the best hiking shorts on the market today. 

Vcansion Men’s Outdoor Hiking Shorts Review


The Vcansion Men’s Hiking Shorts are made of pure Chinlon and are pretty durable. They are tear-resistant and also dry quickly, even in cold conditions. The zipper-up closure makes them much more convenient to use.

Its material is entirely breathable, ensuring that you do not feel sweaty or sticky. It keeps you cool throughout. You can wear these shorts in all seasons, and you will have guaranteed satisfaction.

The waist has a flexible design that makes it more comfortable and easy to adjust based on one’s waist size. Overall the shorts also have a slight stretch that contours to your body shape and structure. They also have double-stitched cuffs, which not makes them stylish but also much more durable.

It is also waterproof, which means it can handle a little mist or sudden drizzles. Another notable feature is that it has UPF 50+ protection, keeping your skin safe from harmful UV rays.

The shorts have a loop closure and a hidden hook for a better fit. Unlike ordinary shorts, these have six pockets; four on the front side and two on the backside. So you can store all your small items such as phones, wallets, keys, etc.

The Vcansion Men’s hiking shorts are ideal for all trips and camps you plan. They are lightweight and easily portable. You get sizes ranging from 30 to 40, and all of them are true to their size.

They come in various dark and bright colors. You can choose the one that suits you best. Based on the size you opt for, the price might differ.

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Wrangler Authentics Men’s Hiker Short Review


If you are looking for some good cotton shorts, then these are just perfect for you. They are made of 100% cotton and are fit for machine wash. They are built to stick with you in the long run.

You also get fantastic breathability and comfort. These shorts provide a relaxed and excellent fit throughout your journey.

It also has a heavy-duty zipper that doesn’t wear off quickly.

The 8-inch inseam makes these shorts classy and long-lasting. In addition, the shorts have about six pockets which provide you with enough space to carry all your small essentials. The pockets include two slash pockets, two flap pockets, and two back pockets.

There is a wide variety of sizes available, starting from 30 to 54. With these options, you can pick the one that fits you well. You also have great color choices. For example, you could opt for the lagoon, fossil rock, or earth green if you are into light shades.

On the other hand, if you prefer dark shades, you have Anthracite, Newport, and Nutmeg.  The cost of these shorts is much affordable and reasonable than other good-quality shorts, but based on the size you pick, the price might differ.

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Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Shorts Review


The Columbia store has been on the market for quite a few years and is known for its quality clothes. These Silver Ridge Shorts look stylish on all men and teenagers. It is made of pure nylon material and is breathable.

The fabric has UPF 50 protection that keeps your skin secure from harmful sun rays. In addition, the waistband is partially elastic, proving men ultimate comfort and excellent fit.

These shorts are UV absorbent and ensure that you do not face any sunburns or rashes. You can use them throughout the year and still feel satisfied. It also has advanced evaporation that helps in quick drying.

The fabric used is also called wicking fabric as it keeps the moisture away. It gives your legs a cool and dry feel. The gusset detail provides you with excellent flexibility, thereby ensuring free and comfortable movement.

The shorts are rugged and have quite a few pockets. In addition, its zipper closure makes it convenient to wear. Right from fishing to professional hiking, these lightweight shorts are ideal for all activities.

Once you use them, there is no turning back. The shorts make you fall in love with the feel. You also get a variety of color options and size ranges. If you have an issue selecting the appropriate size, you could use the size chart provided.

Overall the shorts are fantastic, and you should surely give them a try!

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One thing that is common worldwide is one doesn’t settle for something that doesn’t feel right. Whether it is shorts or a pair of shoes, we all look for rich quality and comfort especially when you are planning a hike.

The shorts mentioned above meet these criteria. So you won’t face any regrets if you plan on buying any one of them. You can also check our article on the best rain jacket for hiking.

They are perfect even as gifts for yourself or your dear ones. All that matters is your satisfaction. So do let me know which of those mentioned above you like the most. I hope you have great hikes ahead. Good luck!

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