Best Hiking Socks For Women

Wearing warm and comfortable socks is very important when it comes to going for a hike. As a woman, our feet are prone to feeling cold faster than men. This is why for comfort and for warmth it is very important to have a high-quality pair of socks in your bag for your hike. 


Best Hiking Socks for Women Reviews

Let’s check the best hiking socks for women on the market today. 

Darn Women’s Hiking Socks Review


Darn socks are knit in Vermont, USA, which is an ideal place for testing the all-weather performance of socks. The fabric composes of 3% Lycra, 33% Nylon, and 64% Merino wool.

The fabric is designed to give lightweight comfort and durability that can go the distance without any wear or tear. The moisture-absorbing capability of fabric is one more important feature that keeps your skin dry and hygienic. 

Darn socks regulate temperature and keep feet warm during cold weather, and in summer, they keep your feet cool.  Fresh air keeps circulating from the fiber, thus keeping skin comfortable and odorless around the clock.

The unique quality of the Merino wool is it ensures there is no blistering, no scratching after a long day/night of hiking. The socks stay fit around the mid-calf and do not keep sagging down. Thus you can enjoy the trek instead of adjusting your socks every few minutes.

Once you start using this rich quality Darn hiking socks, you will observe there is high-density knitting of fabric which means more stitches per square inch. This imparts durability to fabric and gives cushioning feel to the feet.

Darn socks come with a lifetime warranty. If socks develop holes or get scratched or tear down, you can easily get them replaced. 

There are various colors and patterns to choose from. 

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Smartwool Women’s Hiking Socks Cable II Review


Women’s cable II hiking socks are made up of 1% Elastane, 29% Nylon, and 70% Merino wool.

These socks fit comfortably on your feet and feel soft and cushiony. It absorbs the impact from hard and uneven surfaces. The fabric is not too thick or bulky. Just the right amount of knitting that can provide cushioning and also absorb shock while you go about hiking on any kind of surface.

Women’s Cable II fabric maintains the temperature inside the screen. When the weather is hot, the socks will keep your feet cool, and similarly, in chilled weather, the feet will be kept warm. Free airflow also keeps bad odor away. You can enjoy your trek without the worry of any bad smell or soggy feel.

The moisture stays away from this fabric, which keeps your feet dry and clean.  No more constant changing of socks every few hours as you can go around hours with single pair of socks.

Smartwool Cable II socks can be used in any harsh and unforgiving weather conditions. Moreover, these socks can be used on any kind of rough trials. You can use it for most outdoor activities like skiing, mountain climbing, running, trekking, or normal traveling.

No more scratching, itching, or sagging socks issue with Smartwool Cable II socks. Just enjoy the trek!!

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Danish Endurance Hiking Socks Review


Danish Endurance Socks are made up of high-quality Merino wool. Merino wool ensures there is constant temperature regulation around the feet. The fabric keeps your feet warm in winter conditions and cools during summer or hot conditions. The regular airflow keeps skin breathable and comfortable.

The fabric of Danish hiking socks has moisture-wicking quality. It keeps moisture and sweat away from the skin. You can be the whole day on your feet without a bad odor due to sweat. The feet can be fresh and dry the entire day long.

The knitting of Danish Endurance socks gives cushioning at the right part of the calf and feet. The correct padding absorbs shock or impact that comes from hard and uneven surfaces on the feet. This prevents blisters and pain even after a long trek or hiking on a hard and rough trail.

Danish Endurance socks are designed in Copenhagen, Denmark, and manufactured in Portugal. During his excursion and training, Mount Everest climber Rasmus Kragh keeps testing the fabric endurance and performance of Danish hiking socks.

These soft socks are ideal for outdoor activities like trek, camping, traveling, hiking, etc. These can also be used as casual or everyday wear.

Made up of soft merino wool Danish Endurance socks come in a pack of 3, each for men, women, and kidswear. These are available in various color patterns to choose from.

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As you can see above, there are many excellent and reasonably priced socks on the market which are perfect for you to carry on your hike

Since the price of socks is so low and there are so many benefits, it makes sense to carry a good pair with you for your next hike. You can also check our article on the best ice cleats for hiking.

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