Best Hiking Watch under 100

For anyone who loves adventuring the great outdoors, investing in a good quality hiking watch is a must. The best of hiking watches are known to have great features, durable, and would make life furthermore convenient.

A good hiking watch, besides displaying the date and time, would provide you key information like location, altitude, air pressure, etc. It can also help you to pre-plan, predict weather conditions and navigate effortlessly.

Watches that come with specific hiking features are quite popular these days. Features to look out for are

  • Battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Interface
  • GPS
  • Altimeter and Barometer


Best Hiking Watch under 100 Reviews

Let’s check the best hiking watch under $100 on the market today. 

Vikano Survival Bracelet Watch


A good hiking watch has a couple of features that can make your adventurous hikes a lot more convenient than you can imagine. The high-quality Vikano survival bracelet watch is made from aluminum alloy, looks good, and can help you do just that. It can be used as a sports watch as well.

The Vikano Survival bracelet is a 6 in 1 watch that features – Digital watch, compass, whistle, magnesium firestarter scraper, paracord, and magic sticker strap. The scrapper can be used as a knife and also start a fire. The whistle can be used to signal help when stranded or in danger. The magic sticker strap is waterproof, adjustable, and can fit the best length of your wrist.

Paracord is the material that is used by the military paratroopers, which is a parachute cord. The cord has exceptional strength and durability. You never know when it will come to be useful and is the best preparation for survival. The paracord can be unraveled to 3 meters in total with a breaking point weight of 250kg.

The watch is a multi-functional digital watch that has dual time, alarm, snooze option, hourly indicator, stopwatch, and backlight. This watch can be a great tool and solution to all survival needs.

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Amy Sports Hiking Digital Watch


The Amysports watch an adventure companion truly designed for hiking, climbing, fishing, traveling, and other outdoor activities.

The multi-functional sports watch displays altitude and atmospheric pressure in Ft/M or hPa/inHg. It is also available in the function of thermometer and depth finder and can detect a large range.

  • Altimeter – 2290ft to 32355ft
  • Barometer – 300hPa to 1100hPa
  • Thermometer – 14°F to 158°F

The military display design does not have a very bright illumination and is distinctive during the day and night. Nonetheless, the backlight is available and is helpful when in the dark.  The watch is waterproof standard at 5ATM, which is 50 meters/ 164ft underwater for about 10 minutes.

The watch sports a long battery life of more than one year with a simple CR2032 battery that weighs less than an ounce and can be replaced whenever needed. The wristband is rubber smooth, durable, and very comfortable to wear.

The data tracking in the barometer helps you record upto six fishing spots. You can track the changes in barometric pressure. The fishing icon begins to blink and alert you when more than one spot meets the target pressure, which would be good for fishing.

The watch has seven modes – Fishing mode, Altimeter, Barometer, current time, alarm, stopwatch, and timer. It is a really good watch that comes with all plus features to make your adventure amazing and memorable.

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EZON Men's Hiking Watch


Thanks to current technology, today’s hiking watches come packed with various types of features and additional functions. It makes outdoor activities more interesting and unforgettable.

The Ezon sports watch is ABC featured, meaning it features – Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass, which are the prime traits for the watch. An altimeter measures the altitude, a barometer measures the air pressure in real-time, and a compass is used for navigation. It also offers great accuracy in thermometer readings.

The Ezonmen’s watch is a military display design with a built-in Swiss Sensor in order to measure the altitude and vertical distance. The pedometer is definitely a great feature for people into fitness, hiking, and climbing.

The digital compass specifies your direction and the thermometer and barometer help in forecasting the weather. The watch helps you to plan ahead and keep yourself safe in outdoor situations.

The watch is waterproof at 164ft which is 50 meters. It is a great aid for swimming, fishing, hiking, running, hunting, climbing, etc. It comes combines with additional functions like EL backlight, dual time, stopwatch, timer, alarm, hourly ring, and calendar.

The watch case is made of high-quality Polycarbonate  + Glass Fibre material. The wristband is made of rubber soft PU material with a hollow design making it breathable and very comfortable to wear.

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For outdoor adventures, it is important to own a reliable watch that can offer a good battery life and good navigation features.

Indeed, navigational features do have their advantages, but some of the hikers prefer to go for watches without a GPS option so that they can have longer battery life and it can be a more affordable choice. You can also check our article on the best hiking sunglasses.

Purchasing the right hiking watch is mostly about not getting pulled into buying a watch with features u do not require. On how you propose to use the watch will depend on the choice you finalize with. Best believe a hiking watch can definitely make your hiking experience a whole lot better.

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