Best Insoles for Hiking

When you go for overnight hikes, your feet might feel sore by the end of the day. It is quite natural when that happens, but something isn’t right if the pain gets intense.

When the topic of hiking is brought, we often see people talking about comfy shoes or boots, but they fail to give importance to the insoles. With women’s hiking shoes, although the equipped insoles are soft and layered with extra cushioning, they tend to wear off over time.

If your feet do not feel protected how can, you expect to have a fun journey? Therefore, it is essential to buy a good pair of hiking insoles. These insoles are specially designed to give extra support to your arch and reduce the fatigue you feel.

Stability is another important aspect while hiking, and having proper insoles is one step closer to that. Here are some of the high-quality hiking insoles that could help enhance your trip and keep your feet protected.

Have a look at the options mentioned below. It might be one of the best purchases you make for yourself, especially your feet. So, let’s get started


Best Insoles for Hiking Reviews

Let’s check the best insoles for hiking on the market today. 

EASYFEET Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles Review


These shoe insoles are meant for men as well as for women. They are manufactured for high-intensity activities. If you love hiking, camping, and other sports like that, then these insoles are a must-have.

It reduces joint stress and also has higher shock absorption than regular shoes could offer. The gel forefoot ensures that your feet feel comfortable throughout the trip.  You can also trim these insoles to match your foot size.

These insoles help prevent certain common issues that people face while walking/running for long hours, such as a runner’s knee, stress fracture, etc. They have a foam layer that keeps your feet steady, even on bumpy grounds.

This layer is breathable and makes sure that you do not feel any sweat or stink by giving space for proper air circulation. The moisture-wicking treatment keeps your feet cool and dry irrespective of the weather.

The insoles are perfect for walks, jogs, running programs, and many other sports. They fit any sports or casual footwear and last longer than the regular. You can use them for your sneakers, boots, shoes, and cross trainers as well.

EASYFIT is known for its quality standard, and therefore it offers a year-long guarantee with the product. If you do not seem to feel satisfied with it, you can ask for a full refund.

Another notable feature of the brand is even if you have trimmed the insole to fit your size, you can ask for a refund, and they’ll give it to you. Customer satisfaction is their priority and motto.

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Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort Insoles Review


The Superfeet insoles are made of Aeropring foam and carbon fiber. They have a different and unique design as compared to the ordinary insoles on the market. It helps in lessening the pain you feel, especially when you have been on your feet the whole day.

Some insoles lead to blisters or rashes on the feet, but that is never an issue with the Superfeet insoles. Irrespective of your arch height, these insoles fit everyone perfectly.

The heel cup is deep enough to support your foot structure and prevent it from slipping or bumping your toes from the front. Even while walking on slippery surfaces or rocky areas, it gives you a sturdy grip.

These insoles are equipped with a (Pod) Heel Impact Technology that disperses the impact caused. The excellent shock-absorbing foam provides great comfort and enhances your journey.

It also wicks moisture and controls odor for long hours. The construction is fabulous and will stick with you in the long run. You can also trim them to fit your size, and they still won’t disappoint you.

They are designed to support and contour your feet perfectly. Another notable feature is that they come in bright and unique colors that make them look classy and stylish.

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KEEN Women’s K-2- Shoe Insole Review


If you want some good-quality shoe insoles at an affordable and reasonable rate, then you should opt for the KEEN Women’s Shoe Insole. It has great cushioning, and the material used for the sole construction is synthetic.

These insoles are imported and are of great quality and durability. It provides excellent energy return and is fit for great sports and even daily use. It fits wide foot sizes as well.

The product is known for its ultimate comfort and support.  It has full-length cushioning, which makes your feet feel comfortable and relaxed. The heel cup is designed in a manner to provide great support to your heel.

The insoles comes at a great price and has quite a few sizes available. You can order your actual foot size as these insoles are true to their size. If you are not sure what your actual size is, you use the size chart given.

To date, whoever has bought them hasn’t faced any issues with it and is completely satisfied.

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Hikes are much more fun and thrilling when you are at your best. With these insoles, you can freely walk for as long as your want.

Based on the detailed description provided, you could choose the ones that fit your requirement list. You can also check our article on the best hiking sandals for women

All of the names mentioned above are excellent in their outlook and the way they make you feel. I hope you find a good pair for yourself and have excellent hiking experiences ahead. Good luck!

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