Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes for Women

Hiking is a passion for thousands of people worldwide, but along with hiking come a load of essentials required for it to be called a proper hike. Out of all the things needed, shoes are one of the top-most purchases.

Over the years, hiking shoes have evolved and changed in many ways. Back then, hiking shoes were constructed with a lot of fabric, making them heavy and difficult to walk in.

Women especially prefer shoes that are lightweight and comfy to enjoy the hike truly. Shoes that tire the user easily aren’t suitable for a fun and thrilling hiking experience. It might get a little challenging to find such shoes on the market, given the wide variety available.

But, this article can surely be your guide to find those perfect lightweight hiking shoes. So let’s begin!


Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes for Women Reviews

Let’s check the best light hiking shoes for women on the market today. 

Merell Women’s Moab 2 Hiking Shoes Review


These women’s hiking shoes are made of 100% mesh and suede leather. They are super comfortable and lightweight. Your feet feel light and safe at the same time. The rigid Vibram sole provides a great base to the shoes.

Its durability and stability are unmatchable. The shoes are slip-resistant as well. In addition, the leather and mesh body gives excellent breathability, ensuring that your feet remain cool even during hot weather.

The shoes also have air cushioning at the heel area that helps in reducing the stress on your feet. Overall the Merell shoes are entirely trustworthy as the brand has been on the top list for quite some time now.

They use recycled products to manufacture such shoes, which in turn brings them a step closer to sustainability. They are perfect for women who love long hikes and light shoes.

These shoes come in various colors, starting from charcoal to straight up to Acqua. So you can choose the one that suits you and your style the best. The size range varies from 5 to 11, and the product is true to its size so that you can order your actual size without having to think twice.

The cost as well isn’t that expensive. Unlike other leather shoes, these are much more affordable and durable. They are usable for daily activities such as jogging, grocery shopping, etc. as well.

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Merell Bravada Women’s Hiking Shoes Review


These imported shoes are one of Merell’s classy and stylish designs. They are made of mesh and TPU material. Even their feel is pretty soft and comfy.

The traditional lace look makes the shoes much more fashionable. They even have a breathable lining for easy airflow, which in turn keeps your feet dry and cool. In addition, the toe cap helps in keeping the foot protected, especially while climbing steep slopes.

Its rubber sole comes with a unique design that ensures a firm grip even on slippery roads. The shoes are super flexible and durable as well. Moreover, they are lightweight and easy to travel in.

The unique foam midsole is shock absorbent which reduces the pressure on the feet and provides an easygoing journey. These sneaker-like shoes are perfect even for daily use.

They have excellent traction even on wet rocky grounds. So if you want your hiking shoes to be light, comfortable, and fashionable all at one time, these could be your pick.

Apart from their excellent quality, they come in various colors as well. The options you could choose from are Black Gecko, cobalt, sage, aluminum, and much more. You also get a variety of sizes.

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Salomon Women’s X Ultra GTX Hiking Shoes Review


Salomon is a renowned brand that has been on the market since 1947. Their products are considered as one of the bests. If you wish to invest in something that will stick with you in the long run, you can give these a try.

They are made of pure synthetic material and are entirely waterproof. You can use these through all the seasons without having to worry about it getting spoiled. They are designed with a specific control technology that gives the ultimate grip.

Whether you go for a regular hike or a long professional hike, these shoes work best in all circumstances. Their shaft measures about mid-top, if measured from the arch. Overall the product weighs nothing more than 330g.

The rubber sole is thick and long-lasting. It is specifically made for women to provide them with great comfort and easy usage. Its price might seem a little extra for some, but I would say it is understandable based on the quality.

You get these shoes at a price range of $135 to $230 based on your shoe size. With these shoes, you can easily travel long distances without facing any fatigue or pain. There are quite a few colors available. You can pick any one of the choices.

The Eva foam provides shock attenuation, and the protective toe cap ensures the safety of your foot, especially on rocky terrains. In addition, the shoes are constructed in a molded format to suit and sit the contours of your feet perfectly.

The shoe lugs have deep penetration and also a multi-direction grip. The mesh used is an Anti-debris mesh that prevents any dirt or debris from settling on the footbed.

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I hope this write-up helped you to get to know about a few of the best women’s lightweight hiking shoes available on the market. All of the shoe names listed above are of excellent quality and are adored by many. You can also check our article on the best hiking shoes for wide feet.

Whether you plan to buy these for yourself or any of your close friends, they are some great options. Your comfort and happiness are very precious, and these shoes do have the ability to provide that to you. So, good luck in buying your perfect lightweight shoes!

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