Best Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

Hiking is a fun activity which can help you to destress and relax. It improves the quality of your health and of your life. 

Once you get bitten by the hiking bug, you will want to go hiking in all kinds of weather. To make sure that you are comfortable and your feet are taken care of, you can go for waterproof hiking boots.


Best Men's Waterproof Hiking Boots Reviews

Let’s check the best men’s waterproof hiking boots on the market today. 

Columbia Men’s Hiking Boot Review


Columbia Men’s boots are made up of 100% Leather and textile combination. This combination of textile and leather gives durability to the boots along with a stylish look.

The sole is made up of rubber. These boots have excellent traction and can work on any kind of trail. Be it a rough surface or slippery surface; the boots have the capability to give correct balance. Extra cushioning is provided insoles to keep feet soft and comfortable.

The tongue of Columbia hiking boots has a mesh design. This allows free air movement inside the boot. Even after a long day of hiking, the feet will feel fresh and breathable. There will not be itching, scratching, or rashes on the skin due to the mesh tongue design.

The hiking boots by Columbia are water-proof in nature. No need to hike around water bodies or in a rainy or snowy climate. The boots remain unaffected in any climate or trail conditions.

There will be hardly any break-in period required; they just fit correctly around the ankle and feet.

A lace closure is provided in Columbia Men’s Boots for better fitting and closure. These versatile boots can be used for any outdoor activities like mountaineering, forest trekking, hiking, camping, traveling, etc.

Columbia Hiking Boots for Men are available in various sizes and five colors to choose from as per your preferences.

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KEEN Targhee 3 Hiking Boots for Men Review


Keen Hiking Boots are made up of 100% leather and synthetic. Perfluorinated chemicals (PFC) is a carcinogenic product that is mostly used in making hiking boots. However, Keen Targhee 3 Men’s boots do not use this harmful chemical. 

These boots are water-proof in nature. You can trek in a rainy or snowy climate without any worry of boots getting damaged. Your feet will remain dry even if the trail is muddy or the climate is rainy. Thus no more worry of blisters due to moist skin, rashes, or any other skin problems.

The tongue of Keen Targee 3 men’s hiking boots is extra padded. It gives cushioning feel and comfort to your feet. Also, the tongue has mesh that gives good ventilation conditions. Due to free airflow, the sweat beads can easily evaporate, and fresh air keeps flowing inside the boots, keeping feet fresh. This also removes bad odor from the feet area.

The rubber sole outside KEEN Hiking boots gives correct grip to the sole and excellent traction. Even if you are hiking on muddy or any kind of slippery terrain, the rubber sole maintains balance and prevents slipping. Moreover, the outsoles will not leave any print or traces even if you use these boots indoors.         

These lightweight hiking boots can be cleaned using a common leather cleaner. KEEN Targhee hiking boots for men are available in six colors to choose from.

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NORTIV 8 Hiking Boots for Men Review


NORTIV 8 hiking boots are specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and the toughness of outdoor activities like forest trekking, mountain climbing, water sports, cycling, hunting, hiking, etc. These boots can also be used indoors or in daily wear.

These lightweight hiking boots are completely water-proof in nature. Your feet remain dry even if these boots are used in a snowy or rainy climate. The synthetic leather keeps water molecules away from your skin.

NORTIV 8 hiking boots have a heel size of approximately 1 inch. The reinforced heel and rubber toe design are to give added protection to the ankle and toes. A minimum break-in period needed, and these boots can be used within few days for any kind of hiking experience.

The insoles are removable and offer correct arch support. This prevents fatigue even if you are trekking for a longer duration. The insoles also absorb shock from all the rough surfaces and protect feet.

The lace closure is provided for perfect fitting.  The outer rubber sole on NORTIV 8 hiking boots imparts excellent grip on any kind of slippery, snowy, muddy, or wet surface. Due to Multi-Directional Traction, these hiking boots are ideal for trekking on any kind of terrain.

NORTIV 8 hiking boots for men are available in various sizes and three-color combinations to choose from.

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As you can see, having an excellent pair of waterproof hiking boots is very important if you are planning to hike or go for treks.

There are many excellent waterproof hiking boots on the market for hiking and we have reviewed three of the best above. You can also check our article on the best hiking boots for flat feet.

I hope our review will help you to choose the best waterproof hiking boots for your needs. 

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