Best Rain Jacket for Hiking

Rain jackets come in various colors, fabrics and much more but what is most important is the quality of the rain jackets. The climate these days cannot be trusted, especially when you are on a hike and so it is essential to keep a rain jacket handy.

With the vast options available on the internet, finding the ideal rain jacket for hiking can get a little challenging. But, if you are looking for one for yourself or your dear ones, you have come to the right spot.

Below, you will find a few of the best rain jackets currently available on the market. I hope these options help you in making the right choice. So, let’s get started!


Best Rain Jacket for Hiking Reviews

Let’s check the best rain jacket for hiking on the market today. 

Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket Review


The Columbia Men’s water jacket is made of pure nylon and polyester. It is highly long-lasting and comfortable. It also has zipper pockets that make the jacket look much more stylish and classy.

The adjustable Velcro cuff lets you adjust the jacket as per your size for a better fit. In addition, these jackets are 100% waterproof and have a breathable design that keeps you cool and dry.

It is easily foldable and ultra-light. You can carry it anywhere with great ease. Even though it is lightweight, it can protect you from stormy weather. The elastic details give you an excellent fit and great comfort.

The jacket also has an Omni shield that keeps the moisture and dirt away. So even if you get dirty, the jacket doesn’t absorb any moisture, thereby keeping you clean and dry.

It is also featured with an abrasion-resistant chin guard and two side pockets. In addition, the Columbia logo on the left top corner makes the jacket look much more elegant and fashionable.

You also get a wide variety of colors ranging from pastel ones to darker shades. You can choose the one that suits your style and personality. The sizes begin from small to straight up to 6X.

If you aren’t sure about which size fits best, you can use the size chart provided. It shows appropriate measurements for the sleeves, wrists, waist, etc. The cost of the jacket might vary a lot based on the size you opt for.

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SaphieRose Hooded Raincoat Jacket Review


You might have seen many of the cheap plastic rain jackets that come at a hefty price but fail to do their job. The SaphieRose rain jacket is exactly the opposite. It is made of rich polyester and is super lightweight.

It comes with a matched pouch that can hold all your essentials, such as your wallet, phones, etc. It also has buttons that you could use for better fit and comfort.

The jacket also has a hooded cap that is easily adjustable because of its drawstring. It is suitable for men, women and even the youth. The material used is durable and eco-friendly, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

It also has a PU 3000 coating which makes it 100% waterproof. A feature about this rain jacket that fascinates me a lot is its multiple uses. You can use it as a mat and even a tent.

It is one of the best products you could purchase, especially for treks, hikes, camping and many other adventurous activities. The jacket is also big enough to cover a backpack as well.

You can your actual size, and it’ll fit you properly. The sizes vary from S to XL (US size). You also get many color options, right from plain shades to printed ones.

Unlike other rain jackets on the market, the SaphieRose hooded raincoat is pretty decently priced. You can also give it as a gift to your dear ones.

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Skieer Men’s Mountain Rain Jacket Review


This jacket is made of high-quality material that is tear-resistant and entirely waterproof.  It can handle the cold as well as the rainy weather. The jacket has a long-lasting windproof zipper and two zippered side pockets.

The inner pockets help store other essentials that you wish to keep safe. Its hood is detachable and is easy to adjust. At the bottom of the jacket, you will also find connecting straps.

These straps are used to fix the jacket to the pant and ensure a better fit while hiking or any other activity. In addition, the elastic cuffs help prevent the water from sliding in and thereby keep you cool and dry.

Even without the hood, the jacket has a toll collar that keeps your neck protected. The collar has a warm silk flannelette which provides a cozy feeling. The jacket comes in sizes ranging from small to X-large.

Unlike other rain jackets, you do not have to order a larger or smaller size than the usual. They also come in a wide range of colors. In addition, the price is quite reasonable for such a quality product.

The feel of this jacket is different and comfy. In addition, it is claimed to have the best flexibility and excellent fit.

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Rain jackets are meant to protect you from the rain and make you feel safe and warm. If your jacket isn’t capable of this, then its, high time you get yourself a better one.

While you are on a hike, the main motto is to enjoy the hike completely and for that to happen, you must feel comfy. The rain jackets mentioned above can provide you with that feeling. You can also check our article on the best underwear for hiking

If you do like any of these, go ahead and gift it to yourself or anyone you want for your next hike. I hope the article helps you in choosing the perfect rain jacket for your hikes.

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