Best Underwear For Hiking

Wearing comfortable underwear when you are hiking is very important. Comfortable underwear helps to ensure that you dont pull your groin muscles and the strain doesn’t cause a hernia for men. 

There are many excellent underwear on the market that gives a lot of support, absorbs sweat and are comfortable. Let’s check the best ones. 


Best Underwear for Hiking Reviews

Let’s check the best underwear for hiking on the market today. 

ExOfficio Give –N-Go Bikini Review


ExOfficio pair of underwear is made up of 6% Lycra spandex and 94% Nylon. This fabric combination makes the underwear very lightweight and soft.

The mesh design in the fabric allows free airflow. Thus skin under fabric is always dry and breathable. You can enjoy your day without the worry of any scratching or rashes on your skin.

The fabric for ExOfficio has special moisture-absorbing quality. The fabric keeps sweat or any moisture away from the skin. Thus you can always be comfortable and odor-free all day long.

The waistband of this breathable bikini brief is fully elastic. It stretches as per your waist size and does not become loose after usage. It retains the original shape and size. You can rely on the durability of this amazing bikini brief.

ExOfficio bikini briefs are ideal for casual wear as well as traveling. Air travel, hiking, sports activity, or just exploring local places can be easily enjoyed with this ultra-comfortable pair of ExOfficio underwear.

These are easy to wash and dry very quickly. Just throw them with a laundry load or wash with soap under a sink, and within hours you will get fresh pair of underwear. Thus there is no need to carry too many pairs of underwear for your international travel. 

ExOfficio bikini briefs are available in various colors to choose from.

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New Balance Boxer Review


New Balance Brief is made up of 10%Spandex and 90%Polyester. It is lightweight and soft on the skin.

The fabric is comfortable and breathable. Your skin feels fresh and odor-free the whole day long as constant airflow keeps bad odor away.

The moisture-wicking feature keeps sweat away from the skin. Thus skin feels dry for a longer duration. The temperature is maintained in hot as well as cold weather.

New Balance has a fly opening so as to provide versatility. The waistband is not too rough to cause harshness on the skin. The elastic retains shape even after long usage.  

The boxer is designed so that genitals sit comfortably and a front pouch is provided. The fabric fits comfortably, and you need not worry about being too fit or too loose. Minimum seam and tagless boxer designed to give you ultimate comfort all day long.

These briefs are ideal wear for any sports activity or any outdoor activity like cycling, hiking, trekking, etc. It can also be used for casual wear.

The cleaning of the New Balance boxer is very easy. It can be machine washed, and it dries very quickly.  No need to carry too many pairs of boxers on your trip.

New Balance Boxers pack of 2 is available in various color combinations to choose from. 

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Lapasa Men’s Boxers Review Review


Made up of 5% Spandex and 95% Nylon, Lapasa men’s briefs are comfortable and lightweight. The spandex and nylon combination provides extra durability. The fabric absorbs moisture and keeps it away from the skin. This keeps skin dry and hygienic for a long duration.

The mesh fabric maintains ventilation which ensures bad odor stays away, and correct temperature is also maintained. Thus you can go around enjoying your day without any uneasiness.

The elastic waistband is super stretchable, and at the same time, it retains shape, which ensures you can use Lapasa men’s boxers for years to come. The mesh is stretchable in all directions and no restriction during any kind of movement.

The non-wedge design is super comfortable around the seat. Fly opening is added in for versatility. The pouch design fits perfectly, which gives added comfort to genitals.  

Lapasa breathable boxers can be used as casual everyday wear and can be worn during any outdoor activity. They are ideal wear for hiking, traveling, running, exercise, or any sports activity.

These breathable boxers are easy to wash in the machine. The moisture-absorbing feature dries fabric within 2-4 hours. You can travel light without any need to carry too many boxers. 1-2 pairs are enough for long travel.

Lapasa men’s boxers are available in different colors to choose from.

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As you can see, all the underwear for hiking products that we have reviewed above are soft, comfortable to wear and have many benefits. They are durable and washes quickly which is very important when it comes to hiking.

You can choose the one which you feel is best for you. You can also check our article on the best hiking backpack for women and the best hiking hats.

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