Best Women Hiking Boots

Many-a-times, there is a considerable discussion on whether one should go for hiking boots or hiking shoes, especially when it comes to women. Shoes are lightweight and firm, no doubt not as long-lasting as boots.

If you are a hike-lover and goes for at least 4 to 5 hikes every year, shoes aren’t meant for you. It would be best to go for boots, as they are easy to pack and pretty durable.

Hiking boots are suitable for all weather conditions. You no longer have to worry about whether it is raining or snowing as boots make sure your feet remain dry in all circumstances.

They are even easy to clean and manage. So, if you, too, are one of the hike lovers and are looking for some good quality boots, I hope this write-up helps you find them.

Here, you will find a few top-quality women’s hiking boots. So let’s get started.


Best Hiking Boots for Women Reviews

Let’s check the best hiking boots for women on the market today. 

Merrell Women’s Moab Hiking Boots


These hiking boots are an imported product that is made of pure Suede leather and mesh. They have a great rubber sole with a different and unique design. This design ensures that you get a proper grip on the ground.

The insole of the boots is removable, so if you feel no need for it, you can get rid of it. In the heel area, there are air cushions that make the boots more stable and fit for long hikes.

They even absorb shock, thereby making the journey more comfortable and efficient. The boots are also equipped with a toe cap that keeps your toes safe, especially during steep climbing slopes.

A select dry layer on the boots seals the water out and helps the moisture escape, thereby keeping your feet cool and dry irrespective of the climate outside.  It also makes it easy to clean up.

You also get a wide range of colors to choose from, each as stylish as the previous one. Some of the colors that are highly adored are the Granite, Bungee Cord, and Navy Morning.

The shaft of the boots, if measured from the arch, measures about 4.25″. With these, you can experience ultimate comfort and durability.Make sure you order your actual size, as these boots are true to size.

These boots won’t wear out quickly even if you use them daily. They are built for rough and tough use.

Another feature about this renowned brand is that they try and re-purpose all the old materials to create new ones. Sustainability is the way on which they tread.

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KEEN Women’s Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot Review


The KEEN women’s hiking boots are designed differently than the usual boots you generally see. Their construction itself is unique and so unlike the others. The heel of these boots measures about 2 inches.

For people who prefer little flatter boots, this shouldn’t be a pick. The platform is about 1.25 inches. They are made of high-quality leather and mesh. The upper layer is water-resistant, and it also helps increase the airflow.

Its outsole is made of TERRAIN rubber and provides excellent traction. Even in muddy or rocky regions, you get a firm grip on the ground. The outsole also has multi-directional lugs of 4 mm.

These boots stand out compared to the others because they are built based on women’s foot form. Even the midsole of the boots has a dual-density material used for extra comfort. They even help reduce the boot’s weight, making them super light and easy to walk in. You can feel the lightness of it when you walk in them.

Talking about comfort, they also have cushioned collars, thereby ensuring no chances of causing any irritation to the skin. The external shank helps you increase stability and also provides torsion control.

Based on the great features and quality of the boots, they are nicely priced. If you are looking for a pair that will remain with you for a long time, you should surely give these a try.

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XPETI Women's Waterproof Hiking Boots Review


The XPETI Women’s hiking boots are known for keeping your feet dry and also for their easy clean-up. The rubber outsole is constructed to provide a solid grab to the rocks and even excellent traction. Their structure and design are like that of human teeth.

The boots are made of high-quality fabric. Even if you are walking through snow or water, it keeps your feet protected. They feel sturdy even when you are carrying a heavyweight.

The boots are equipped with ankle support and even a mesh lining.It also has Thinsulate insulation of 200 grams. The brand even makes use of a unique support technology that keeps your feet protected and safe.

The cushioned midsole makes the boots durable. The rubber cap for toe protection helps, especially during long hike journeys. It has a molded TPU at its heel, which makes them comfortable.

Talking about the price, that too is quite reasonable. They are classy and trendy as well. If you want something cute and fancy, you could give these a try.

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These were a few of the best hiking boots for women. Making the right choice of boots is very important to have a fruitful hike.

Your comfort is always the first thing that matters. I hope these options help you pick out the right pair for you or your dear one. You can also check our article on the best hiking boots for men.

Feel free to give them a try, and I assure you will have the best and memorable hiking trips further on. Good luck!

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